Protect Your SAP Data from Bad Accidents and Bad Actors- Webinar

When systems that house sensitive data and serve as the operational backbone for organizations get disrupted, it can cause detrimental and costly problems for your organization. These days, companies must deal with a plethora of bad actors looking to disrupt and disable operations for profit or malice. In addition to traditional data protection, it is necessary to develop cybersecurity strategies to thwart intruders before they can cause mischief.

Join this webinar to hear experts from Pure Storage and Cisco Systems discuss both aspects of securing your assets. You will learn:

• Tips for implementing simple, always-on Data Protection for backup and recovery scenarios, including disaster recovery across a hybrid cloud landscape
• How to address the sinister threat posed by bad actors and how Cisco's cybersecurity suite can help protect customers
• How data protection and cybersecurity work hand-in-hand in a joint SAP infrastructure platform, FlashStack, to provide the maximum protection possible for your mission-critical SAP landscape

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