Ashland's SAP Carve Out of the Composites Business

When Ashland divested a part of its business, it faced the task of splitting their SAP ECC systems accurately within a short timeframe. Ashland will share best practices and the considerations that went into selecting SNP as their solution. Stuart Chick of Ashland will provide an in-depth overview of the experience in working with SNP for their divestiture (carve-out) project and highlight the key benefits.
Hear from SNP and Ashland to learn:
* How Ashland successfully divested its Performance Materials division
* Why SNP was selected and what it did to comply to carve-out requirements including company code, plants, profit center, and accounts.
* How Ashland's entire project was successfully achieved under a year to meet Ashland's needs
* How companies are able to selectively carve-out or merge data in SAP transformation projects
Using SNP's Business Transformation Platform called CrystalBridge, companies can execute SAP transformation projects up to 70% faster than traditional methods.


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