Planning for the Unplanned: See how SAP Analytics Cloud Planning Can Enable Predictive Forecasting in a Volatile Market- Virtual 2020

In today’s dynamic climate, one thing is for certain — we can’t plan based on last year’s results. Accurate, flexible, iterative and timely planning is critical. Sales forecasts fluctuate daily, and business conditions can change weekly. We must adapt to current facts and model numerous scenarios to be prepared for what lies ahead. This session will focus on how companies are adapting to the new business climate and will provide valuable insight to real-time forecasting and planning techniques. You will:

• Learn how to leverage Scenario Management to anticipate and plan for hundreds of potential conditions
• See how embedded collaboration capabilities enable quick decisions in a virtual office environment
• Understand how Predictive Analytics replaces “tribal knowledge” and “past performance” as the main driver of forecast accuracy


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